Services Overview

Services Overview

 We offer legal services over a very wide spectrum at affordable rates.

Commercial Department

Advice on the setting up of businesses
SWOT analyses of businesses
Mergers and acquisitions
Taking on of business partners

National Credit Act

Evaluating claims in accordance with the NCA
Managing debtor’s books
Debtor visits
Ensuring compliance with NCA dictates

Collections Department

Reporting of bad payers at the credit bureaus
Issuing of summonses
Drafting of Letters of Demand

Estate Planning

Drafting of wills and testaments
Acting as Executor
Limitation of liability for estate duties
Resolution of disputes between heirs and beneficiaries

Credit Management

Formulation of a credit policy
Drafting of standard trading terms and conditions
How to manage a debtor’s book

Property Department

Drafting of sale agreement
Drafting of lease agreements
Property transfers
Bond Registrations
Disputes between property owners
Disputes between Sectional Title Owners
Bond registrations
Registration of Rights
Deeds Office services

Solvency Department

How to save your company/business
How to sink your company/that of a competitor

Company Law Department

Registrations of new companies and close corporations
Drafting of shareholders agreements
Resolution of disputes between members and directors

Matters Matrimonial

Ante-nuptial contracts
Post-nuptial contracts
Divorce summonses
Maintenance claims
Custody battles
Issues arising out of the new Children’s Act